Stroke and traumatic brain injury
Presbyterian Neurology Young Stroke Survivors. An opportunity for adults affected by stroke who are working to return to their pre-stroke lifestyles regardless of their chronological age.  The group is open to families.  They meet every other month in the evening.  They have expert speakers, open discussions about relevant topics, and light refreshments. Call a leader of the group for more info at 704-316-6239 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.  (updated 04/08/2014) [report error]

Stroke Support Group (Mooresville). A small but enthusiastic group of survivors of stroke and their families who gather to share support, information, and ways of coping. Call a group organizer at 704-660-4859 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or the operator at the medical center at 704-660-4000 any time any day for directions to the medical center.  (updated 04/29/2013) [report error]

Traumatic Brain Injury 12-step / Education Group. Provides an opportunity for people with traumatic brain injuries and substance addiction to share needs and ideas.  The group is open to family members and close friends.  The group has expert speakers and the time for anyone to share and, as needed to learn about the 12 steps.  Its an open group that responds to the needs of the members.  Light and fun refreshments. Call a leader of the group at 704-355-9623 Mon-Thu 9am-4pm.  (updated 02/27/2013) [report error]

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