Bipolar and depression disorders
Abutment Group. An informal group for addicts or alcoholics in recovery who are dealing with issues of depression or bipolar disorder.  Their regular meetings occur near Carolinas Medical Center (Ascension Lutheran Church). Call Craig at 704-817-1058 any day 9am-6pm or Jay at 704-576-6049 Mon 8pm-10pm or weekends 1pm-5pm or Frank at 704-860-3395 any day 10am-10pm. (updated 4/18/2014) [report error]

Charlotte Mothers of Multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) (CMOMs). This group provides support, education, mutual support, and fun for mothers or prospective mothers of twins, triplets, quads, and more.  There are monthly face-to-face support groups along with a wide variety of other activities. They have support groups for Higher Order Multiples (those with triplets or greater), veteran MOMs (for mothers with multiples over 3 years old), and MOMs suffering from postpartum depression.  In a word, the group tries to provide emotional support to any member by matching that mom with another who has travelled the same path.  Dues are $30/year. Call their office at 877-902-6667 any time any day. (updated 3/26/2014) [report error]

Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). A friendly group for individuals and their families who are dealing with mood disorders.  At their 4 weekly meetings at different locations, they share mutual emotional support and ways of coping with and solving problems.  They welcome new members and let them know that they are not alone.  The group addresses issues relating to bipolar disorder, depression (including post-partum), anxiety, panic disorder, and seasonal affective disorder.  Please consult their website for the topic, date, time, and location of each meeting. Call a leader of the group at 980-475-6020 any day 10am-7pm. (updated 4/12/2014) [report error]

Emotions Anonymous (EA). This friendly 12 step group meets weekly on Mondays from 7pm-8pm to gain better emotional health.  They gather at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, 3307 Rea Road in Charlotte.  They welcome new members warmly to help them feel that they fit in.  Please be sure to call prior to attending a meeting ro the first time to confirm time and location.  By the way, they are celebrating their 30th birthday on May 11. Call for more about EA at 704-351-2364 9am-9pm.  (updated 6/4/2014) [report error]

Friends Indeed. An informal group for gay men with issues of depression to help them keep moving.  The group gives members the opportunity to share compassionate support, exchange ideas, and to get to know others who are travelling a similar path.  From time to time professionals help facilitate, but will not be conducting any therapy.  To learn more, contact a friendly member of the group at .    (updated 4/17/2014) [report error]

Parents of children with bipolar or mood disorders. A friendly, informal organization made up of parents of children (ages 5-18) with mood or bipolar disorder.  They share resources, provide mutual emotional support, and have a good time at their monthly weekend meeting. Each meeting has a telephone contact person listed on their web site. (updated 4/23/2014 using incomplete data*) [report error]

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