Food addiction and obesity
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. This is the local chapter of an international fellowship of men and women who have experienced obsession with food.  Through shared experience in mutual support, the members help each other to recover from the disease of food addiction.  They concentrate on difficulties connected with sugar and flour, but it is essentially based on the 12 steps and 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are no dues, fees, or weigh-ins.  Membership is open to anyone who wants help with food addiction. Call for recorded information and a chance to leave a message at 888-349-7870 any time any day. (updated 04/07/2014) [report error]

Mecklenburg's Promise (PSI). This community resource offers a variety of services for those with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  As of this moment, they sponsor support groups for the following:  Aspergers, dual recovery (mental health / substance abuse), and a group for men and a group for women with mental health and/or substance abuse concerns.  They are also enthusiastic about starting a new group given community need.  Anyhow, how could anyone resist a recovery organization with a class named, "How Big is Your But?" Call the office at Meck Promise at 980-321-4021 Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. (updated 04/07/2014) [report error]

Overeaters Anonymous (OA). A 12 step fellowship of indviduals helping each other understand and recover from compulsive overeating. To find a meeting in Charlotte or anywhere else in the world, check out the website below. No phone contacts are available for this group.  (updated 05/01/2013) [report error]

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