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Adult ADHD MeetUp Group. A small group of men and women who have ADHD or ADD. They hear expert speakers, share emotional support, and laugh and have a good time. They meet the fourth Wednesday of every month from 7pm-9pm at St Matthew in the New Life Center, Room 208. Call a leader of the group at 803-517-9026 Mon-Fri 9-5. (updated 4/10/2014) [report error]

ASK (Absolutely Special Kids). Parents who have children who may or may not have special needs who have banded together to share and have a good time in a relaxed setting. It functions as the PTA for UCP [United Cerebral Palsy] Childrens Center; they have an inclusive program for children 6 weeks to pre-K as well as an after school program. Both programs are for children with and without disabilities. Call Carla at 704-522-9912 ext 0 Mon-Fri 7:30a-5:30p.  (updated 5/8/2014) [report error]

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder). CHADD has two meetings at the same time and the same place; one is for parents and teachers and the other is for adults living with ADHD.  The groups share information, mutual emotional support, and learn of new resources and developments. Call for a detailed recorded upate at 704-551-9120 any time any day. (updated 4/23/2014) [report error]

Charlotte Area Homeschool Club. A homegrown Christian group for homeschoolers and unschoolers in our area who gather to have fun, tell stories, and whatever else their children might be interested in.  For details about their varied activities or to enroll, visit their website on MeetUp. Each meeting has a telephone contact person listed on their web site. (updated 4/26/2014) [report error]

CHEA - Charlotte Home Educators Association. CHEA has multiple groups around Charlotte and surrounding counties for parents who are educating, or who are considering educating, their children at home.  Please check the website for important details.   Each meeting has a telephone contact person listed on their web site. (updated 4/10/2014 using incomplete data*) [report error]

Learning Disabilities Association (Inactive). For decades we have had a chapter of LDA in Charlotte; they were the first group we listed back in 1989. The group assisted hundreds and hundreds of parents who felt lost with a gazillion questions about raising their children.  A few years ago the group ceased meeting. Please check the other groups listed in this category; of course, if you want more personal service, please contact us. Each meeting has a telephone contact person listed on their web site.  (updated 4/20/2014) [report error]

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