Epilepsy Support Group of Rowan County. This is a friendly, informal group open to anyone with epilepsy regardless of age.  They are meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month (except June through September) at 7:00 p.m. at different locations for a short time; be sure to call before attending.   Call a leader of the group for more details at 704-639-0847 any day 10a-10p.  (updated 5/8/2014) [report error]

Epilepsy Support Groups of Charlotte. The folks in this friendly and helpful organization: 1) a monthly adult group where they hear expert speakers as well as to share mutual support, medical information, and referral information and 2) a group for teens who have any form of epilepsy. Call for details about the teen group at 704-492-0932 Mon-Fri noon-5pm (please leave a message if she doesnt answer) or for details about the adult group at 704-376-3158 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm. http://www.epilepsycharlotte.com (updated 4/24/2014) [report error]

Parents of Children with Severe Chronic Epilepsy. This group meets on the 4th Thursday from 6pm-7pm to provide members with an opportunity to hear expert speakers and to talk with others travelling the same rocky road. They meet at Carolinas Pediatric Neurology Care, 4501 Cameron Valley Parkway SouthPark area), Suite 301. Call for more details at 704-381-1458 Mon-Fri noon-5pm. www.epilepsync.org/pdf/Epilpesyparentsupportspring2014.pdf? (updated 5/8/2014) [report error]

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