Death of a child
Bereaved Moms Prayer and Share. A small, loving, and understanding group of mothers who have lost a child to any cause.  They get together following the St Matthew fourth Wednesday 7:30 pm mass (attendance optional).  At their meetings they share mutual emotional support, help each other maintain hope, and pray.  They also do informal activities together at other times which often include other family members.  Call before attending your first meeting to confirm time and day.   Call the group leader at 704-651-8329 any day time or early evening hour (or at any time in a crisis).  (updated 4/3/2014) [report error]

Compassionate Friends (Charlotte). A group offering support, friendship and understanding to grandparents, parents, and siblings bereaving the death of a child. They meet at St. Matthew Catholic Church on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7pm-9pm; The meeting is in the New Life Center (located to the right of the fountain in the parking lot in rooms 234/235).   Before attending your first meeting, be sure be call to confirm location and time. Call Kathy, a member of the group at 704-315-6913 any day 10am-10pm. (updated 4/27/2014) [report error]

Compassionate Friends (Gastonia). A group offering support, friendship and understanding to grandparents, parents, and siblings bereaving the death of a child.   They meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 7pm-9pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 1621 East Garrison Blvd in Gastonia.  Enter by the main front entrance to find the meeting in the front parlor. Be sure to call ahead to confirm the meeting time and location before attending your first meeting. Call the group leader at 704-392-2877 any time any day or the same leader at 704-678-6537 any time any day. (updated 4/30/2014) [report error]

Elizabeth Ministry at St. Matthew (peer counseling and support group). A peer to peer program for parents of any religion who have a baby who died due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infancy.  In general, they address issues for babies less than one month old.  The entire group of parents gathers whenever they wish to do so. Call the leader at 704-567-7677 ext 1007 any time any day.  (updated 4/3/2014) [report error]

HUGS (Healing and Understanding of Grief from Suicide). Meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 7pm-9pm, this group provides healing, understanding, group support, and education for people who have lost a family member or friend to suicide.  Before attending your first meeting, please call to register with the leader and confirm meeting time and location. Call Alice, a group leader, at 704-541-9011 any day 9am-6pm.  (updated 4/15/2014) [report error]

KinderMourn. This nonprofit provides hope for bereaved parents, grieving children and teens by offering support and counseling services, creating awareness of bereavement issues, and empowering the community assist those who have suffered the loss of a child. Call their office at 704-376-2580 Mon-Thu 8-5; Fri 8-2; emergencies any time any day. (updated 4/20/2014) [report error]

MOM-O (Mothers of Murdered Offspring). A group of mothers and fathers  of murdered offpsring who are banding together to support each other and make a difference in reducing violence in our community.   They help families find resources any time after the loss of a loved one.   Amongst other services, MOM-O has special get togethers twice a year for those who have lost a child to murder.  Call or email a leader of the group ( Call on her cell phone at 704-517-8669 any day 9am-11pm or Judy at home at 704-334-5056. (updated 4/26/2014) [report error]

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